Sales Order Transactions

Standard SAP Sales Order transactions. Click on the PDF symbol to download the specification sheet

PDF1  Pick Confirmation – [SAP Ref: VL02N]. This transaction identifies the lines on a Delivery Document and displays the lines for the user to pull inventory from the appropriate locations. Additionally, it updates the status of the items so that pack confirmation, or ship confirmation transactions can occur.

PDF1  Pick Confirmation With Serial Numbers – [SAP Ref: VL02N]This is a variation of the original Pick Confirm that is first narrowed down by Material number before showing the lines. Also the second page has a field for capturing Serial numbers with a counter of the number of serial numbers scanned or entered.

PDF1 Pack Confirmation With Serial Numbers – [SAP Ref: VL02N]. This transaction identifies the Shipping Point, Delivery Document, packing material and material being packed for a specific line. Serial numbers are captured that can represent the entire packed unit or just the serial number for the packed material.

PDF1 Ship Confirmation – [SAP Ref: VL02N]This transaction ship confirms an entire Delivery Document. At Ship Confirmation, the Delivery Document is updated, and inventory is relieved.

PDF1 Enquiry by Delivery Document- [SAP Ref: VL03N]. This transaction displays lines that are on the Delivery Document.

PDF1 Enquiry by Material – [SAP Ref: VL06O]. This transaction displays Sales Order data based on plant and material.