Brother Mobile Document Scanners Improve Cash Flow for Logistics Company

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North West based Kenley Warehousing and Distribution, which transports goods around the UK, is reaping the benefits of using Brother’s 820W Mobile Document Scanners, supplied by N2 Limited, as part of a complete proof of delivery (POD) solution.

Paper proof of delivery meant invoicing delays

“Our drivers used to set off at 4am on a Monday morning, travelling round the country for drop offs and pick-ups and rarely came back to the office. The customers would sign a POD at the destination and the drivers would return them at the end of the week. We would then post out the invoices,” said Lesley Walker, Kenley’s financial director.

“The delay meant that we weren’t able to issue invoices until up to two weeks after the jobs had been carried out. We knew that we had to update the system to streamline processes and speed up payments.

Brother DS-820W 2

Technology means faster payments

“Drivers can now scan the PODs on the Brother 820w was soon as the goods hit their destination. This automatically updates our system and means that we can email invoices out immediately.”
“This technology has dramatically reduced admin time and means that customers can see their PODs straight away, enabling them to notify us of shortages or damages at much earlier date”, Lesley added.

Campbell Elliott, Kenley’s Transport Manager said: “The scanner itself is superb and really easy to use with.

The picture quality is excellent and it only produces a small file so they aren’t memory heavy but even so, it comes with a huge memory card which can store up to 200 documents. The drivers can now get the paperwork back seconds after delivery.”

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